Are you in need of temporary or long-term workers, or do you require assistance with the recruitment process?

We can supply skilled and motivated employees for the unique needs of your company. Whether you are after long- or short-term help, we will find the most suitable workers for You. We will interview each applicant with potential and choose the most suitable candidate for the task at hand.

We can make the final decision on your behalf or provide a list of the most suitable candidates for you to choose from. The approach is always agreed specifically for each assignment, based on the recruitment needs and the job.

Labor hiring is a risk-free method of recruitment and provides you an opportunity to assess the worker’s suitability for the assignment and the work community before choosing to hire them on a permanent basis. After the temporary employment contract has ended, you are free to hire the worker as an employee of your company.

We only invoice your company for the actual hours worked and assume the liability for any sick leave related expenses.

Does your company need competent workers?